Juvenile Probation Officers

Juvenile probation officers observe and counsel youths, who have been convicted of crimes, to ensure that they no longer break the law. Often times, juvenile delinquents have problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse as well as psychological disorders such as depression and poor impulse control. This means they require constant attention from juvenile probation officers in order to help in their recovery. Juvenile probation officers conduct investigations, write up reports, and help counsel individuals and families toward a healthier lifestyle.

In most states, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, sociology, or related field are necessary for a juvenile probation officers requirements. Although experience is not necessary, those who seek part-time work in a juvenile detention center during their studies have much higher chance of being hired on for juvenile probation officer jobs. Upon graduation, applicants may apply to the Department of Corrections in the state they wish to work. One must pass a background check and a written exam issued by the state to become certified to work.

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