Real Estate Paralegal

Real estate paralegals assist lawyers who work in the residential and commercial real estate market.

Because land ownership requires business transactions, contracts, state and federal codes and ordinances, there is a lot of legal paperwork that becomes involved. Paralegals help by preparing for trials or meetings through research and organization, writing up legal documents, and working closely with banks, contractors, and real estate companies. They must be well versed in real estate law as well as strong interpersonal communication skills due to working so closely with clients.

Most real estate paralegals aren't required to have formal training, but almost all employers prefer workers with an associate's or bachelor's degree in paralegal studies. Along with a law degree, a background in real estate work is a plus whether it is through employment or internship. Graduates can increase their chances of becoming hired by becoming certified through the National Association of Legal Assistants' issued written exam.

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